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Adjunct Action St Louis

Adjuncts in St. Louis – like adjuncts everywhere – know that work doesn’t stop at the classroom door, but pay and benefits often do. We believe that by forming a union with SEIU, we can build a strong voice to raise professional standards and improve the quality of education.

Being a university professor, once the quintessential middle-class job, has become a low-wage one.St. Louis is no exception. A recent white paper found:

  • An adjunct teaching 12 courses a year—an extraordinary course load—may have an annual income of $32,400.
  • An adjunct professor must teach between eight to thirteen classes a year to afford a home and utilities in St. Louis
  • An adjunct professor would need to teach up to six classes per year to cover the cost of groceries for a family.
  • An adjunct professor would need to teach four to seven classes to afford care for chest pain at certain St. Louis hospitals.
  • An adjunct professor would need to teach one and a half to two classes to cover the cost of automobile expenses, gasoline and a monthly transit pass.
  • The average cumulative student loan debt for individuals with a master’s degree is $40,208, and $58,967 for individuals with a doctorate. An adjunct professor would need to teach two to three classes per year just to cover student loan payments.

Support part-time faculty at Washington University

Universities like Wash U are following the changes in employment and are continuing to rely more heavily on part time and contingent faculty for the majority of the work. Nationally, over 70% of classes in higher education are taught by contingent faculty; adjuncts have agreed that it’s time to have a voice in their workplace and begin to make changes to pay, benefits, job security, and respect at their workplaces. Now, it’s our turn in St. Louis. Sign a petition of support here!

Support Adjunct Faculty at Webster University

At universities across the country, including Webster University, over 70% of classes are now taught by adjunct professors. Adjuncts at Webster have decided to join 21,000 adjuncts around the country in a movement to gain respect as professors and improve our pay, benefits, and job security. By joining with Adjunct Action and SEIU, we will work to improve higher education in Saint Louis, our own working conditions, and our profession. Support their effort to form a union by signing here.

Adjunct Action News

  • Wash U. Adjuncts: Nominate Our Leadership Committees

    Now that we’ve won our union at Washington University, we’re taking the first step to win a good contract. We are forming our bargaining team, contract action team and communications team to lead our campaign for better wages. Please take a moment to learn more about each candidate and decide who you want to represent you. […]
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  • Adjunct Faculty at Washington University in St. Louis File for Union Election

    Adjunct and contingent faculty at Washington University announced today that they have filed for a union election as part of a national movement that is raising standards in higher education. Forty-four percent of faculty in St. Louis area private, non-profit colleges and universities work part time and 73 percent of all faculty are not on […]
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  • St. Louis Adjunct Organizing Featured in STL Post Dispatch

    Adjunct faculty are ramping up efforts to form unions and solve the crisis in higher education this semester. And on Sunday, was front page news In the St. Louis Post Dispatch. In the feature story, Andrew Nelson and Gail Brody share their story and why they are forming unions at campuses in the St. Louis […]
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